Twuesday Tweetacular: Winter is not coming

Mike tweets the dreaded thought creeping into the minds of students attempting to put the realization off until study days begin. Based on this week’s weather, however, Georgetown students can still look forward to the fact that unlike finals, winter is not coming.

Allie Prescott‘s logic is impeccable until you consider the $200,000 you are paying to be told to do said homework.

Unlike would-be die-hard HBO fans grumbling about the irrelevance of Game of Thrones memes, Megan Schmidt is able to see the silver lining surrounding the global warming-shaped clouds.

Rejoice, fellow citizens of Twittersphereastanbergville City, for Alex Podkul comes bearing glad tidings of joy this holiday season: Tweeting while driving is now acceptable, if only for those in glass cages.

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