GWU to allow students to use their meal plan dollars at local food trucks

Great Food Truck Race -6D.C.’s food truck craze is in full swing. At George Washington University several food trucks line up on H Street every day to serve paninis, pizza, macaroni and cheese, and kabobs to students and passersby alike. The Hatchet reported this week that GW students will soon be able to use their GWorld cards (GOCard equivalents) at food trucks that frequent the Foggy Bottom campus.

GW doesn’t offer a traditional meal plan. Instead, students buy a certain amount of “colonial cash,” an amount of which is available to use at nearby partner restaurants. Students will soon be able to use this portion of their meal plans at the various food trucks. The Hatchet reports:

Senior Associate Vice President for Administration Ed Schonfeld said the move was in response to a letter submitted by the Student Association this week. […]

Steve Nichols, deputy director of the GWorld card program, said administrators expected the move would cause food trucks to “blow up” in popularity even more.

“Once they take the card, they’re going to be pretty successful,” he said. “We’re anticipating they’re going to be really popular.”

Georgetown doesn’t share the rest of the district’s fascination with food trucks. While Georgetown students may demand more variety with their meal plans in general, food trucks rank decidedly lower in their priorities. Even though 2012’s campus plan resolution brought late-night food trucks on campus on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, students continue to go off-campus for late-night food and socializing. After all, the food trucks were only a short-term solution to growing on-campus student life. In all likelihood, the Snack Shack won’t start accepting flex dollars any time soon.

Photo: Edsel Little via Flickr

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