College Cup run ends in 1-0 loss

DSC_1771Sometimes at the end of a disappointing day, you have to take a step back and look at what you’ve accomplished in the recent past. More often than not, that off day is an abnormality in a sea of success. One can only hope the Georgetown men’s soccer team keeps this in mind as they look back on an incredible season marred only by a loss to Indiana University in the 2012 College Cup.

The game against Indiana began nervously. Both Georgetown and Indiana couldn’t quite get the ball completely under control. Many a time, the ball was popped up into the air and wouldn’t come down again for some time as both teams headed it back and forth. There were some nervous moments for the Georgetown defense as they struggled to clear the few chances Indiana managed.

The Hoyas first real chance came when sophomore Tyler Rudy received a cross in the box and powered a shot towards the Indiana goal, but was saved by IU keeper Luis Soffner.

The Hoyas would begin to feel the heat as Indiana found a few chances. Hoya fans breathed a sigh of relief as Indiana squandered a chance from a header. Georgetown sophomore goalkeeper Tomas Gomez came up huge in the following minutes. An Indiana forward found a way through a woeful Georgetown defense, but was stopped in his tracks as soon as Gomez came off his line to collect the ball. 

The rest of the half would be characterized by a feeling of “almost.” Both teams came close to scoring on a few occasions, but neither broke the deadlock before the whistle. Georgetown and Indiana would head into the locker room at the break with the score tied at 0-0.

Both teams picked up right where they left off as the second half got underway. Georgetown would begin to look more and more dangerous though. The Hoyas possessed the ball and probed around the Indiana box, but couldn’t find that perfect ball to put them into the lead. Junior forward Steve Neumann, freshman forward Melvin Snoh, and senior forward Andy Riemer came close, but failed to find the net.

The game saw its first goal in the 63rd minute when Indiana midfielder Patrick Doody lofted a ball into the box. Gomez came off of his line but was beaten by forward Eriq Zavaleta, who headed the ball back across the mouth of the net to midfielder Nikita Kotlov. Kotlov booted the ball into the back of the net and the Hoosiers took the lead.

Georgetown continued to press up the field. The Hoyas dominated the final stages of the game. Snoh and Riemer pushed to find an equalizer, but were unable to find the net. Despite the Hoyas best efforts, GU would come up short. The game would finish 1-0 to Indiana.

While the Hoyas did lose the NCAA College Cup, they have every reason to keep their heads held high. Few would’ve guessed a team who had never made it past the Sweet Sixteen would end up in the Championship. Not only that, on their way to Alabama they defeated the Maryland Terps for the first time in program history. They’ve played some of the best soccer this school is likely to ever see and united a student body behind one of the less popular sports here on the Hilltop. They’ve made Georgetown proud and have all of us looking forward to the next time we fill those stands on North Kehoe.

Reporting by Chris Castano

Photo: Miles Gavin Meng

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  1. Congratulations to the tools sitting behind Indianas net. Could hear your pathetic attempt to rile their gk on ESPNu, if you guys were clever you maybe could have actually gotten into his head instead of displaying an absolute lack of class on national television.

  2. @Uhhhh
    And you could use an apostrophe in order to prevent the insinuation that there are multiples of Indiana. I don’t think the world could handle more of that flatness and corn.

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