Unofficial student group Saxa Gray forms to fill void in basketball attendance

The next time you find yourself at a Georgetown basketball game in the Verizon Center, give your hands a break from clapping, pause before you scream “We Are Georgetown” and keep your ears open for a brand new chant hitting the student section—Saxa Gray.

Founded earlier this fall, Saxa Gray is an undergraduate student group open to all Hoyas whose goal is to promote school spirit and revelry at Georgetown basketball games.

“Georgetown, though a university with a renowned basketball program, is a school whose student section has never been up to par,” said co-founder Akhil Ramanadham (MSB ’14). “It’s an essential element that has been lacking at basketball games during my time here at Georgetown. That’s how I first thought up Saxa Gray.”

While Hoya Blue serves as the University-sanctioned spirit organization, Saxa Gray isn’t burdened by the rules that govern clubs. “Saxa Gray provides a previously nonexistent outlet for avid Georgetown fans to gather together as a unit,” Saxa Gray member Matt Burdumy (COL ‘15) said. “Our major advantage is that we aren’t subject to the supervision of the athletic department and thus our support for our Hoyas can be unrestricted.”

For their part, Georgetown Sports Information declined to comment on Saxa Gray.

With the Hoyas are currently ranked No. 15 in the AP Top 25 after a win over the the Texas Longhorns, there hasn’t been a better time this year for students to support the team.

“Saxa Gray encapsulates Georgetown pride and strives to bring the ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ attitude that the Hoyas need,” co-founder Vidur Khatri (MSB ’14) said. “On a campus where students really do care about basketball, it’s a shame that there isn’t an organization that helps transform this enthusiasm into support at the Verizon center. This is the void we aim to fill.”

Even though Hoya Blue has been faithfully face painting and supporting Georgetown athletics since 1997, Saxa Gray founders Ramanadham and Khatri both believe that more must be done to support Hoya basketball.

“Athletes love a rowdy crowd to support them. The student section truly is an aspect of the game that gives the home team the upper hand,” Ramanadham said. “Even Hoya Blue board members, such as communications head Sam Kareff, have acknowledged Hoya Blue’s shortcomings and ordered a Saxa Gray tank for himself.”

Hoya Blue, in turn, has responded to Saxa Gray with a positive attitude. Current president Andrew Rennie (COL ’13) said, “They just like to bro out and watch basketball. I support that.”

Bruce Thomas (SFS ’13), another member of Hoya Blue, held a similar stance. “Personally, I think it’s cool that they’re doing it. Having dedicated people at games ready to cheer on their team was a real issue that Hoya Blue faced last year. We had a weak schedule and people didn’t come out, so if these guys can help re-energize the fan base, more power to them. We’ll be around if they need any face paint.”

Photo courtesy Saxa Gray

Disclosure: Jamie Niu is dating Vidur Khatri.

28 Comments on “Unofficial student group Saxa Gray forms to fill void in basketball attendance

  1. isn’t “eat that box” a euphemism? the young kids are so clever

  2. Hopefully they’ve rethought their priorities since writing “like Hoya Blue, but more drinking and less gay” on the FB event description. Gays like basketball too :(

  3. I like that he “first thought up the idea” even though someone else thought up this idea around 5 or 6 years ago. Even had the same slogan. Welcome the resurgence though (even though I too am against the slogan), anything to create a better atmosphere at home games. Good luck to them.

  4. “Saxa Gray encapsulates Georgetown pride and strives to bring the ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ attitude that the Hoyas need.”

    Because if Georgetown needs one thing and one thing only, it’s a chance to act more like Duke.

  5. Saxa Gray was created as a splinter group of Hoya Blue almost a decade ago–a fact these so-called “founders” refuse to acknowledge. While I admire Ramanadham et al.’s attempts at ingenuity, this is unfortunately not their brainchild. That being said, any initiative that encourages greater student attendance at Georgetown games (not just basketball!) is more than welcomed by Hoya Blue.

    (Disclaimer: I did buy a tank but have not yet received it. When will it be delivered as promised, Akhil?)

  6. Attitude yes.

    Middle fingers and cursing out opposing players no.

    From what I’ve seen so far this season, Saxa Gray can stay back in 2006 where it belongs.

  7. this group has been formed multiple times in the past with the same name. the slogan you’re referring to isn’t being used by the current group, that was from a long time ago. looks like they are being less hostile about their goals than they have in the past and have a good relationship with hoya blue. good for them

  8. As people said, this isn’t exactly a new idea. If they want to support basketball, that’s super. I have yet to see them make a push for some of the less popular sports, however. Specifically, I haven’t seen them at any women’s games, and I’d be a bit surprised to find them at lacrosse in large numbers.

    I don’t know that I like the fact that they used Sam’s purchase of a tanktop without directly quoting him. That’s pretty irresponsible reporting, even if it’s true. I can’t put words in his mouth, but it’s entirely possible he just wanted another tanktop, and purchasing a club’s shirt isn’t exactly a full endorsement.

  9. Yes, let us all hope this iteration of Saxa Gray (seriously, dangerously approaching The Stewards for “most number of reincarnations” at this point) develops a bit beyond the “dudebro inside joke” it has been the last few times around. Although I have to admit, open binge drinking at Georgetown hockey games was all sorts of hilarious, especially when they let people just randomly wander onto the ice.

  10. @Kevin Perlow

    If you have a problem with the journalism, do it yourself. Since you haven’t (obviously), stick to trolling like the rest of us.

  11. Bros don’t like joining organizations that anyone can join. Bros like to hang out with their own group of bros, drink, and sit in the upper level after rolling in 20 minutes late.

    This will be a total bust.

  12. I love this. It encapsulates the spirit of Georgetown, Georgetown, and Georgetown forever.

  13. This has been a funny joke so many times in the past it’s just not funny anymore. If I remember correctly, Saxa Gray was born roughly at the same time as Hoya Blue, with the sole intent of drinking more and not having to worry about the administrative duties Hoya Blue has to as an official student organization. The only thing that irks me is that it seems these guys and this reincarnation of Saxa Gray version 9 is trying to take jabs at Hoya Blue rather than work with it.

  14. I am so glad someone finally took up this cause. How many times have I said to myself, the thing Georgetown really needs is more binge drinking at school-sponsored events?

  15. Vox, I’m 99.9% sure this is a fake organization created by friends of Hoya Blue members.

    Which, granted, makes it more legitimate and relevant than the Stewards, GUSA, DPS, and the Center for Student Programs combined, so I guess that makes it okay to report on it.

  16. Why is the CFO of the Corp a co-founder of a group whose motto is “More drinking, less gay” Calling you out, Vidur. Also shout-out to the author, Vidur’s girlfriend. Vox is all about that conflict of interest.

  17. Right. In this critical, in-depth look at an unofficial student group whose mission is to get wasted and enjoy Georgetown sports. So much conflict of interest happenin up in here.

  18. I get that its a joke organization. Some B-school kids made bank on tanktops. So why is Vox pretending this is a legitimate article about a legitimate organization, written in a legitimate way. Go home, Vox, you’re drunk.

  19. @Really?

    Vox reports on things going on around campus. This is something going on around campus. If you think a blog post gives an organization legitimacy, you probably have to rethink. And if this blog can’t report on the people its staffers have hooked up with, it probably can’t report anything at all. Vox may be drunk (definitely), but y’all are just stupid.

  20. To work for Vox, there is a mandatory blood alcohol level that must be maintained. Otherwise, everything just is way too coherent.

  21. Pingback: More questions for the money man

  22. And for every post you write, you need to hook up with at least 1 person you interview.

    It gets awkward when you’re covering speakers that come to campus.

  23. Just sayin’ that in the business world someone had the stated “like Hoya Blue, but more drinking and less gay” on a public event they would be fired from the company…

    Looking at you Vidur. Represent The Corp better.

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