Twuesday Tweetacular: Caffeine headaches and other first world problems

Tweetacular BrettLike Vox, Brett thinks of every possible excuse to not take an exam. Imagine the email: “Professor, I couldn’t study because someone stole my books in the library!” It’d work about as well as “My dog ate my research paper.”

Tweetacular PrescottAllie Prescott failed to understand how romantic that XXL Steak Nacho truly was.

Vox has a special double tweetacular this week with many more tweets after the jump!

Tweetacular JarvisNicole Jarvis isn’t the only person to see burritos in non-burrito objects. Sometimes, in caffeine-induced deliriums, Vox asks Mug baristas for mushroom-cheddar-cheese omlettes and asks Leo’s workers for low-fat skim lattes.

Tweetacular MikeWhen Mike enters his first final, he’ll collapse and shout, “Go on without me!” and proceed to enter a 24-hour post-study coma.

Tweetacular ChovlinTucker Cholvin knows that the proper way to signal that you have friends when eating alone at Leo’s is to fiddle with your phone and intermittently receive text messages at full volume.

Tweetacular KirillVoice assistant leisure editor and former tweetacular-writer Kirill Makarenko knows that time is a social construction.

Tweetacular GtownHotMessGeorgetown Hot Mess points to the fact that any Georgetown student during finals week could very well be a Jedi-murderer and we would have no way of knowing.

Tweetacular MeagherAmong Fiona Meagher’s other first-world problems: Waiting in line for all-you-care-to-eat food at Leo’s, having to live in a lower-level Village A, and having to fly out of Dulles.

Tweetacular CrenshawFresh off of advising young men everywhere not to act like 2 Chainz, Vox advice columnist Emlyn Crenshaw realizes that even 2 Chainz is taking Emlyn’s advice—just in the field of eyewear.

Remember to submit your questions to Emlyn’s column, Just the Tip.

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