Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Vox

Vox Merry ChristmasExams are over and Vox is ready to chill over the holidays, so forgive the light posting schedule. Vox will cover breaking news and sports over the break as they happen. Otherwise, have a Merry Christmas and see you in January. (Sorry about forgetting Hanukkah.)

On another note, we have a post up on the main site about autism and the Sandy Hook shooting. Devin Gerzof, a freshman at Georgetown who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, reacts to the media’s portrayal of Asperger’s syndrome as a violent, destructive condition:

Immediately after the status of the gunman’s behavioral health was revealed, a number of media sources alleged that Adam Lanza committed this massacre because he had Asperger’s syndrome.

This myth pervaded the United States. I overheard people saying, “The only reason Adam Lanza killed all those children is because he has Asperger’s.” Such conclusions, however, are unequivocally false. I should know: at age two, I was diagnosed with autism myself.

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