While we were out: ANC opposes bowling alley for Georgetown Mall

georgetown park mall Last Wednesday, the ANC 2E voiced unanimous opposition to the company Vornado’s bid to construct a bowling alley in the Georgetown Park Mall in their first meeting of the year. Because the upper levels of the mall house around 100 condos, residents worried that the noise from the bowling alley would bring with it objectionable noise levels.

Pinstripe’s CEO Dale Schwartz attended the meeting and outlined the company’s plans for the bowling alley. The bowling alley would contain an Italian/American restaurant, an outdoor patio, 12 lanes for bowling, and an upper level party room for birthdays, weddings, or bar mitzvahs. According to the Georgetown Dish, Schwartz made a point of saying that the that bowling alley Pinstripes “‘will not cater to a heavy drinking crowd,’ will welcome families, close early, and design and build the facility to eliminate bowling-related noise and vibration.”

Other than that, he promised that everything in the establishment would be up to the Georgetown’s high standards. As Georgetown Metropolitan reported:

The phrase “high end” was used a lot.

Specifically the phrase “extraordinarily high end wine and food coupled with a bowling and banquet experience” was used. Moreover, the food promised is going to be “Four Seasons” and “Ritz Carlton”-level quality. In a bowling alley.

Though the commission would have none of it. Residents of the Georgetown Park condos have already been through months of construction and required an absolute assurance that the bowling alley would produce no noise. Even though Schwartz gave his promise at the meeting that there would be no noise issues, the ANC required that the company make an agreement with the condos’ residents association with an “enforceable mechanism” for preventing noise before Jan. 15, when the proposal goes before the Board of Zoning Adjustment.

Note: Meeting was last Wednesday, Jan. 2, not Sunday.

3 Comments on “While we were out: ANC opposes bowling alley for Georgetown Mall

  1. What the FUCK Georgetown neighbors! TURKEYS, ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. @I WANNA BOWL Well, I’d suggest you put your money where your mouth is. Invest in a condo at Georgetown Park just above the bowling alley. I’d rather expect you could get a good deal now, and it would be SO convenient!

  3. Third Edition is closing. How does this not get a full-page obit?

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