GUSA Roundup: Don’t hate. Legislate.

gusaOn Sunday, GUSA kicked off the second semester with the zeal, debate, and vituperation students have come to expect from their representatives.

The meeting began with an announcement of the upcoming launch of the new GUSA website, which is expected to be operation within a week. In addition, the senate announced plans to fill a vacant senate seat. Elections for the at-large seat will be held on Thursday. Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS’ 14) expects the election to be fairly competitive, with upwards of 10 candidates on the ballot.

The University’s clear and convincing evidentiary standard will take effect this semester, however, in its current form, its provisions only apply to on-campus incidents. Sen. Sam Buckley (COL ’14)  announced his intentions to expand the policy to off-campus disciplinary actions as well.

Speaker Tisa then directed the conversion toward last Saturday’s Diversity Summit. While most senators were perfectly content to applaud their own efforts, a disgruntled Sen. Sam Greco (SFS ’15) objected that the summit counted as a required, formal senate meeting. “I was happy to attend. I thought it was quite enjoyable and interesting, however, it is not a senate meeting.” Unfortunately or fortunately, according to the bylaws, the summit was special session.

Sen. Cannon Warren (SFS ’14) lauded Greco’s nerve. “Do we get to vote on making a special sessions? Wouldn’t it need the format of a senate meeting?”

Taken aback by Senator Warren’s questions, Tisa replied, “I invite you to raise objections, however, the summit was announced many months in advance.”

“I am sure this was announced months in advance,” Warren retorted, “but not all of us plan that far in advance. An email went out about it a day before, but it was syllabus week and I was just constantly in a state of inebriation for an entire week, and I just did not check my email.”

The comment solicited an immediate uproar from the rest of the body.

After restoring decorum, Speaker Tisa closed his discussion with a brief recap of the executive summary, which will be released to the public in its entirety by next week. “All in all our discussion was very, very positive,” Tisa said. ”I think it was productive and positive change and [in the report] we lay out some of the reasons why. Productivity is up, the number of bills is up, and the areas you have addressed in committee haven’t been addressed before by the GUSA senate.”

Editor’s Note: Samuel Greco’s quote was originally misattributed to Zachary Singer. Vox sincerely apologizes for the oversight.

13 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: Don’t hate. Legislate.

  1. “Speaker Nate Tisa (SFS’ 14) expects the election to be fairly competitive, with upwards of ten candidates on the ballot.”

    And, reportedly, upwards of 10 votes cast.

  2. Georgetown students should know the difference between affect and effect. Embarrassing.

  3. So some GUSA reps would rather drink than talk about the deplorable state of diversity on this campus? I’m glad it was mandatory. Kudos to CV and Tisa for trying but GUSA is too white to fail.

  4. It was senator Greco who was reportedly disgruntled and objected to the notion that the event was mandatory not vice-speaker Singer.

  5. Incorrect. The evidentiary standard will apply to INCIDENTS on campus, regardless of where a student lives. Any offense committed off campus will still be judged by the old standard, no matter where the offender may live.

  6. It’s syllabus week, while diversity is great, and Cannon should have attended regardless of his inebriation, the senate should conform to the inebriation and issue more reminders; the inebriation should not have to conform to the racist policy of one email reminder the day before. Remember drunk is an ethnicity

  7. By what standards has this Senate been more productive? Can we get some numbers? Just because the number of bills is up doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a net benefit to students.

    While it is hard to compare to some of the transformative bills/referendums of Senates and years past (SAFE Reform part 1 and 2, funding board reform, burden of proof). How has this Senate altered student life for us?

    This article just presents the quotes of Senators and nothing else of substance. Students need better reporting.

  8. @just wondering

    That all relies on GUSA doing something substantive.

    In the mean time, I’m content with watching The Real GUSA Bros of Georgetown. I can’t wait for the reunion episode!

  9. They plan on releasing the official report next week, so hopefully that will have some numbers attached to it.

  10. @Just Wondering: Amen.

    @Babs: LOL, you’re right, GUSA doesn’t do anything. You nailed it. Comedy!

  11. required to go to diversity summits? and if so pears?

  12. @JustWondering, @JustSaying

    “This article just presents the quotes of Senators and nothing else of substance. Students need better reporting.”

    Yes, now go retweet some Politico article like it’s hot shit. It’s a darned blog.

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