Looks like we’re getting a bowling alley after all: BZA approves Pinstripes

Georgetown ParkThis morning, the Board of Zoning Adjustment unanimously approved Vornado’s bid to build a bowling alley in Georgetown Park Mall, Georgetown Patch reports. The venue’s future remained unclear after the ANC 2E passed a resolution opposing its construction until the residents of the mall’s condominiums and the company reached an agreement.

Yet, surely enough, at the meeting, representatives from Vornado and the condos announced they had reached an agreement on noise, which was their principal worry, and will sign a contract soon. As a result, the ANC dropped its resistance to the alley’s construction.

The owners effectively guaranteed that no sound would be audible for any of the residents.

Pinstripes is a relatively “high-end” bowling chain and their Georgetown plans include an Italian/American restaurant, 12 lanes for bowling, and an upper-level party rooms open for rental. While the restaurant will include a bar, Vornado has made a point that the establishment will not cater to a “heavy drinking crowd,” such as Georgetown students and various other youthful hooligans.

While Vox was unable to attend the BZA’s hearing this morning, Voice news will have the latest on the bowling alley’s approval in this week’s print issue.

Image: Adam Fagen via Flickr

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