Agreement reached on New South Student Center pub

south terrace_NSSCGUSA leaders came to an agreement with the administration Thursday regarding the planned pub in the New South Student Center.

GUSA President Clara Gustafson and Vice President Vail Kohnert-Yount signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dr. Todd Olson, vice president for student affairs, to ensure the pub will serve students’ interests (e.g. that it won’t turn into an Epicurean-like business).

The new campus bar will serve beer, wine, and liquor on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and will include 18+ nights or a system of wristbands for underage students, according to the agreement. The vendor will also be required to hire Georgetown students for part-time positions in addition to creating a committee to guide the business.

“The pub vendor will form a committee, comprised of students, members of Students Affairs, a member of GUSA, and a member from the University Services, and pub vendor, to provide input on menu, food and drink selection, student programming, and advertising of the pub,” Gustafson said.

Gustafson said these requirements are a “real-time” way for students to provide input and will help the pub become a student hot spot rather than another on-campus business overrun by professionals. She believes the accessibility for underage students and its location in the NSSC will help designate the pub as a student-oriented business.

“We are confident [the location] will be a new hub of student life for underclassmen and upperclassmen alike, [and] will draw more students to the space,” Gustafson said.

The pub has been part of the plan for the NSSC since the 2010-2011 school year. This proposal was presented shortly after students and alumni launched a campaign to bring back the Healy Pub. The pub, which opened in 1974 and closed in the 1994-1995 school year, had operated in the Healy basement, but President John DeGioia‘s administration tabled the idea of re-opening the establishment in that location. Students then opted for the possibility of NSSC space.

According to Gustafson, GUSA is already pushing for the ability to pay with GOCards. Vox is just excited that she’ll be 21 by the time the bar actually opens in the 2014-2015 school year (ideally).

Read the full letter after the jump!

GUSA NSSC MoU Signed Feb 2013 by Josh Zeitlin

Design courtesy Georgetown University. (Disclaimer: Image might not be current)

5 Comments on “Agreement reached on New South Student Center pub

  1. New South is going to be the center for student life. Just like the Leavey Center was supposed to be.

  2. So lets take a look at this from a business standpoint. If you want to be the vendor for this “pub”, you must 1.) Give up autonomy over your menu, 2.) Give up autonomy over who you can hire, and further you are required to hire students and incorporate their scheduling considerations, 3.) Subject yourself to a strenuous review of your business plan through the ANC in the hopes that you can acquire an alcohol license from DCRA, 4.) Be subject to rules and restrictions from not just DC government and DC Metropolitan police (which harass bar owners enough already), but also Georgetown University, DPS, and GUSA (which institutional turnover rate of 100% EVERY YEAR, meaning you will be dealing with someone different every 12 months). 5.) Take on competition from one of the marquee “college bars” in the country that is located no more than a 5 minute walk away from your location. This goes without mentioning the UNBELEVIABLY high rent the university is sure to charge for occupation of this space, being forced to deal with campus facilities, and the uncommonly high costs this pub will be forced to incur for security purposes.

    Who, in their right mind, would want to open a pub under these conditions? And why? For what business gain? The market is fairly small (students over 21 who drink), and crowded (Tombs, Rhino, Old Glory which are equidistant, roughly, to NSSC if you’re in West Georgetown), the costs will be higher than opening a pub someplace else, and to top it all off, you don’t even get complete control over the business operations.

  3. Who said the market for students who are 21 and drink is small?

  4. @Question: Hear, hear!

    Yeah, if they have to strenuously card, then this venture isn’t worth it for anyone. Perhaps they’ll settle into some kind of informal relationship where the city accepts the lesser of two evils and the University exercises plausible deniability.

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