GUSA Blingee Contest: Choose the image Vox will use to announce the winner

GUSA BLINGEE CONTESTWith one week of GUSA election season over and only one more to go, Vox proudly announces its first ever election Blingee contest. Take a photo of your favorite GUSA candidate (provided below the jump), go to, add your own glitter and stamps, and submit your creation to Vox! When the winner of the election declared next week, Vox will use the the best gif in the post announcing the winner.

Submissions can also incorporate Photoshop, but, naturally, gifs are preferred. Keep submissions tasteful. The best Blingees for the four losing tickets will receive honorable mentions.

Images for you to use and detailed instructions after the jump!

Pick the image of your preferred candidate below. Go to and click “make a Blingee now.” Either save the image to your desktop and upload it from your files OR paste in the image’s link from Vox. It’ll take a second, but afterwards click “Your image is ready, Click Here to Continue to the Next Step” and proceed to Blingify your image. At the end, hit save. After it processes your image. Hit “Your image is ready” again. Add some sort of description. Add your name if you want personal recognition. Hit save.

Don’t bother signing up for an account. Hit “Skip this step, and signup later?” (unless you already have an account…). A window should come up with ways to share your Blingee. Share the shortlink with Vox in the comments or email it to And that should be it.

Happy Blingeeing!

Jack and Maggie
Jack and MaggiePastable link:

Nate and Adam
Nate and AdamPasteable link:

Spencer and Rob
Walsh Silverstein
Pastable link:

Shavonnia and Joe
Shavonnia and JoePastable link:

Cannon and Logerfo

Supporters of Cannon and Logerfo are already quite adept at creating photoshopped images.
Vox reached out to Cannon and Logerfo for a blingee-able photo, but, until then, supporters are free to photoshop their own victory photos. Links to Facebook or imgur would work.

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