This Week in the Voice: IRC celebrates the 50th anniversary of NAIMUN

NAIMUNIn this week’s feature, Julia Jester goes backstage to examine the rock-star life of the IRC at the 50th anniversary of the North American International Model United Nations Conference:

“Being at Georgetown, we have such an excellence in substantive knowledge,” said Lou. “We are able to produce something that is unparalleled on the circuit, whether that is through crisis simulations, or just the way we guide them through their thought process. Seeing the conference planning … selecting topics for committees, getting chairs to write background guides for their delegates on time … it’s an experience like no other.  ”

In News, Claire Zeng reports on the D.C. Council’s push to end coal consumption on Capitol Hill.

On the Sports Page, Keith Levinsky covers the Georgetown men’s basketball team’s 6-week winning streak, which has pushed them to the top of the Big-East rankings.

In a brave defense of teen drama everywhere Leisure’s Zakiya Jamal reviews the new release Beautiful Creatures.

With Pope Benedict’s surprise resignation, Sara Ainsworth rejoices at the possibility of some much-needed modernity in the Catholic papacy in Voices.

Finally, the Editorial Board weighs in on the State of the Union address, as always, taking Obama’s promises with a grain of salt.

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