Watch the GUSA election results come in live on Vox!

This year, the GUSA election commission will be announcing the executive election results round-by-round of each instant runoff on their twitter page spaced a few minutes apart. Their tweets will appear above. Voting ends at midnight and we’ll receive word from the commission soon about when the tweets will go out.

According to election commissioner Ethan Chess (COL ’14), the commissioners will verify the results and check the numbers by manually before tweeting starts.

7 Comments on “Watch the GUSA election results come in live on Vox!

  1. Vox will receive word from the election commission or they’ll tweet about it.

  2. Shavonnia-Joe voters decided this election with their 2nd place votes. Perhaps the 2nd Stewards scandal really did decide this election.

  3. God help this university if people were actually swayed by something as dumb as that entire “scandal” was (Tisa-Ramadan voter by the way)

  4. @ Joe Laposata – looks like it. I guess the other secret society scandal (the one which we know nothing about, nor do we know if they even donate to charities) didn’t sway voters. Shame that the honest candidate(s) were hurt, while the hypocritical one(s) were not. Good luck to Tisa & Ramadan.

  5. It was Jack’s pick for VP that cost him my vote and the election.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with @Senior. Jack would have easily won this election, even in spite of the Steward scandal, had it not been for his head-scratching and completely misguided VP choice. That alone showed a lack of leadership skills on his part. It drove me to support Nate and Adam, and I couldn’t be more pleased that they carried the day.

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