Calvin Harris to headline GPB Spring Kickoff Concert 2013

1 CALVIN HARRIS PRESS SHOT_CREDIT DREW RESSLERScottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer, Adam Richard Wiles—better known by his stage name Calvin Harris—will bring Georgetown students into his force field of addictive synthetic sounds, strong and commanding percussion, and catchy vocal collaborations during GPB’s Spring Kickoff Concert on Saturday, Apr. 6th.

Calvin Harris has long held a passion for electronic music. He was first introduced to the genre in his teens, when he began recording his first demo tracks in his bedroom. Deciding to withhold from having any formal mixing training or production help, he went straight from posting his own D.I.Y. electronic dance tracks on MySpace to signing with the multinational British record company EMI. And, only a short time later, he was recording material with leading artists like Kylie Minogue, Dizzee Rascal, and Rihanna.

With the help of EMI, Calvin Harris recorded his debut album I Created Disco in the summer of 2007. I Created Disco featured two two top-ten hits, “Acceptable in the 80s” and “The Girls,“and quickly made it to the top of the album charts.

Though Harris was already making it as a solo-arist, he was also in high-demand as a mixer and producer. He worked on remixing singles for electronic groups Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, All Saints, and CSS, wrote and produced songs for Kylie Minogue’s 2007 album, and worked with Dizzee Rascal on “Dance wiv Me“, which reached the top of the charts in the U.K.

Calvin Harris’s second album, Ready for the Weekend, also topped the U.K. album chart and made it to number 12 on Billboard’s U.S. dance/electronic chart as well, featuring singles “I’m Not Alone” and “Ready for the Weekend“.

Released in October of 2012, Harris’s most recent album, 18 Months, clearly demonstrates his ability and passion for mixing and collaborating with other artists, as it features Rihanna in the famous single, “We Found Love“, as well as vocals from Ellie Goulding in “I Need Your Love“, Florence Welch in “Sweet Nothing“, Kelis in “Bounce” and Ne-Yo in “Let’s Go“, and more.

Leading music blogs like U.K.’s NME have gone as far to say that Harris has established himself in the genre so well that the realm of electronic dance music is “Calvin’s world.” Releasing more singles on 18 Months than Michael Jackson did on Thriller, Calvin Harris is said to be “in the process of becoming a phenomenon.”

In terms of performances, Harris is always ready to please a crowd that is ready to party. Although critics say that, at the beginning his performance style is a little strange, as he strolls on stage with flailing hand gestures and overwhelming energy, it quickly becomes entirely clear why his shows are so popular and why the audiences love him. NME points out that as strange and childish he might be at times, they can’t give Calvin Harris a bad review, because he has the talent “to make singles, pop careers and gigs work through his sheer force of will.”

Supporting acts for the Spring Kickoff Concert include Manufactured Superstars, an electronic dance music group from Denver, Colo.

The first 500 tickets will be sold online for $20 at and will go on sale noon on Wednesday. Tickets will also be sold in Red Square for $25 starting next week.

Photo: Drew Ressler

18 Comments on “Calvin Harris to headline GPB Spring Kickoff Concert 2013

  1. “The first 500 tickets will be sold online for $20 at and will go on sale noon on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Tickets will also be sold in Red Square for $25 starting next week.” Noon at 7pm? I don’t get it.

  2. I think this settles it. Georgetown has gotten better since I graduated.

  3. Guise lets all pay $20 see a guy who just plays music from his laptop.

    But guise, it’s live!

    Anyone? Anyone?


  4. Ugh I know, right, GFK? The giant dance party with 2500 other people, state of the art sound system, light shows, etc. sounds so lame cause no one’s playing guitar. darn kids!

  5. WAIT. Did the administration make sure this was okay with the Georgetown neighborhood?? Cus they REALLY should have a say in stuff like this considering students might actually enjoy it.

  6. OMG you’re right, neighbors > students. And also the rats. So actually, neighbors > rats > students for Georgetown priorities :\

  7. Calvin’s also playing Echostage in D.C. the same night. Which means the good news is, the GPB concert shouldn’t last too long.

  8. GFK’s point is that my cat could hook up a laptop to that state of the art sound system and still have the same “show,” erm, sorry, “performance.”

    ..But no we hired a DJ … which basically means that we are all going to an unchaperoned prom. Whoopee..

  9. @Meh @GFK As we all know, it’s not “real music” unless there’s a hipster with an acoustic guitar lip synching to a pre-recorded track that someone else made…

    Calvin Harris is by far the most talented artist the spring concert has had in my memory and I’m impressed GPB was able to pull this off.

  10. That’s right, Haters Gonna Hate. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris represent the entire music world.

    Calvin Harris is indeed the most talented artist (read: glorified wedding DJ) that GPB has brought in recent memory, which is an issue. Georgetown should rethink the GPB budget and award the money to someone with proper taste.

  11. @GFK

    Better plan: Rent out “speakers, sound system, etc,” get cat to hook it up to a laptop playing Calvin Harris songs, save money, reroute money to Radio. Yay! Everybody wins!

  12. @Steve, I think you’re describing Club Lau.

  13. Pressing play on something isn’t a live concert when it can be done anywhere. It’s not live, he’s just present.

  14. You guys don’t really have an idea what it takes to DJ live. It’s not about just pressing “play” and being present. It’s about mixing songs at the right time, seamlessly, and reading the crowd. It’s an art in that you control the feelings of the crowd through your music and your transition. The difference between pressing play, aka “a shit DJ”, and choosing the right music as well as mixing it seamlessly, is where the art exists.

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