Breaking: Two individuals apprehended in connection with theft at Vital Vittles

Earlier this evening, Vox received a report that two arrests had been made for an alleged theft at Vital Vittles. According to Corp CEO Elizabeth MacGill (COL ’14) and a witness on the scene, a cashier and a manager identified a suspect matching the description of a man suspected of a Mar. 17 crime and pursued him immediately.

Two employees chased the alleged thief, while another stayed behind to call COO Rashaad Eshack (SFS ’14) and the Department of Public Safety. According to a bystander, the employee tried calling DPS multiple times before they received an answer. When the employee was able to report the incident, she said that it was possible that the suspects were still in the Leavey building.

At 6:48 p.m., Vox saw two individuals being handcuffed in the lobby of the Leavey Center by DPS. One of the individuals arrested may match the descriptions posted in earlier thefts of both cash and goods, a 5’8″ light-skinned black man with a goatee, in a baseball cap, jeans, and a black jacket. He was accompanied by a white woman, 5’2″, petite with brown hair, wearing china blue-patterned pants and a large black jacket. They were taken in handcuffs by two officers to the bus stop outside Darnall, where they were put into a Georgetown University Police car and driven away.

MacGill confirmed that the man who was arrested matched footage from an earlier theft a week and a half ago when he stole an iPad from an employee in the back room, but it is still “hard to confirm” whether the suspects are the same from the earlier incidents. While the woman did not participate in the earlier theft, he entered the store with her during the first incident, and they were found and arrested together this time around. According to MacGill, nothing was stolen during the incident.

“We are happy to report this victory for the company,” MacGill said.

As of this posting, DPS was unavailable for comment. Vox will keep you posted with updates as the story develops.

Additional reporting by Ryan Greene

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