GUSA Roundup: Some spring cleaning and Vox needs therapy

gusaThis week, in what may have been the longest senate meeting on record, GUSA held elections for Speaker, Vice-Speaker, Chair of the Intellectual Life Committee, filled a vacancy in the Finance and Applications Committee, and approved President Nate Tisa’s (SFS ’14) nominations for the executive cabinet. Following elections, the Senate approved the 2013-14 GUSA budget and ended the meeting by passing an initiative to strengthen GUSA’s relationship with Student Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS).

Personnel changes, essentially
Former senator George Spyropoulos (COL ’14) was elected speaker of the senate and Sam Greco (SFS ’15) was elected vice speaker. Both had been heavily involved in GUSA and left behind their seats former positions for what Senator Cannon Warren (SFS ’14) described as “scheming” underclassmen to fill.

Senator Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16) took Spyropoulos’s place as chair of the Intellectual Life Committee and Senator William Bowers (COL’16) filled Greco’s spot on FinApp. Following the elections, the Senate affirmed Tisa and Vice President Adam Ramadan‘s (SFS ’14) nominations for the executive cabinet. (A full list of cabinet nominations can be found on GUSA’s facebook page.)

The Senate expressed enthusiasm over their selections, and, as usual, ended the proceedings very pleased with themselves.

Always GUSA’s favorite … spending money!
Following the election, the Senate moved to approve the GUSA Budget. GUSA had $979,200 to allocate for the 2014 fiscal year, however, given that campus groups requested approximately $1.5 million in funding, GUSA had to make some cuts. FinApp Chair Senator Sheila Walsh (COL’14) explained that advisory boards, which consistently receive annual funding from GUSA, received the largest allocation of funds.

Most notably, the Advisory Board for Club Sports received funding to launch an athletic training program. The budget also included provisions for the construction of the New South Student Center, allocating $3,000 for practice-space contingency, $10,000 for storage cage construction, and some additional funds to improve facilities for student use in Bulldog Alley.

Greater publicity for CAPS! Let’s put the entrance in a more public place
The meeting concluded with the passage of a bill advocating for greater publicity for Student Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS). The bill passed by acclamation, which was fortunate because if the meeting had gone on for much longer, Vox would have needed a shrink.

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  1. * minor correction– George Spyropoulos (COL ’14) remains a senator even after his election as Speaker

  2. Correction: Club Sports didn’t receive money for an athletic training program.

  3. @gusa

    My sincerest apologies: The faulty wording was the result of an editing error and has been corrected.

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