A phony Irish pub, just what Georgetown needs

The chain Irish pub Ri Ra is coming to Georgetown and will take the place of the now shut down Mie N Yu on M Street between 31st and Wisconsin.

Mie N Yu closed last October unexpectedly and has now been sold to Ri Ra. At Monday’s ANC 2E meeting, Ri Ra owner Ciaran Sheehan (it doesn’t get much more Irish than that) established his hope that the pub’s presence will be felt in Georgetown for the next 20 years.

Ri Ra is apparently going to do its best to seem authentic. “Interiors from reclaimed sources in Ireland” will be brought into the pub. Whether all these reclaimed interiors will just serve as a way to hang Guinness advertisements remains to be seen.

The new Ri Ra could become Georgetown’s first enjoyable Irish pub, or it could go the way of the not-too-distant, but oh-so-douchey, McFadden’s and be a new hub for drunk bros.

Photo: Justin Ruckman via Flickr

12 Comments on “A phony Irish pub, just what Georgetown needs

  1. I hope they serve Irish Car Bombs for breakfast.

  2. Yet another example of how rape culture is transforming Georgetown into GW.

  3. sweet, now i won’t have to give up the feeling of being abroad (in Jordan) when I come back to Georgetown.

    I hope they have Amstel.

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  5. I think this will be a great addition to Georgetown, as a life long resident I did not once step foot in Mei and U. Every town needs a good Irish bar, so let’s hope the owner sticks to his claim that he will be using materials from the mother land. I really hope it is not cheesy. PLEASE. Do something to attract and please the residents of DC, and not turn it into a circus act like Serendipity.

  6. I am of Irish descent, and would always welcome a genuine Irish pub in the hood. But when a dozen for-real Irish college students who we hosted came down with food poisoning after eating at the Bethesda branch, I can assure you that I’ll never be a patron. That is the problem every chain needs to confront. One bad experience taints all. Should you see a dead cockroach in your Quarter Pounder with Cheese, I’m confident that would turn you off McDonalds for life.

  7. I don’t mind Ri Ra in Clarendon. It’s fine as far as bars go, it’s got a dark woodsy interior, and to be honest, it’ll be a whole lot more interesting than most of the bars currently in Georgetown. Not sure why Vox has to hate on it so quickly.

  8. Where do all of you posers get off demanding an authentic Irish pub? The closest thing you have to a motherland is New Jersey.

  9. I have visited many of the RìRà pubs around the country and have loved every visit, this is the real deal!!! I know they bring Irish staff over to learn about American culture while also bringing a little of “the motherland” that you talk about. the same writer of this piece will be dressed head to toe in green next St Patrick’s day claiming the roots off his or hers great great great great granddad who once knew someone Irish. Embrace the pub and judge once they have at least opened their doors. Ádh mór ort RìRà.

  10. I’ve been to Ireland and I’ve been to four Ri Ra’s and I can tell you it is the real deal. The atmosphere is festive and very Irish from the food to the whiskey to the Irish music. This pub is just what Georgetown needs and it is not phony!

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