MyCampus survey reveals where students feel unsafe around Georgetown

Where undergrads and grads  feel unsafeStudents report: Don’t go on Prospect St. at night

Earlier this week, University officials in conjunction with the planners at Sasaki Strategies rolled out its master planning survey for Georgetown University. In it, students, faculty, and staff are asked about their walking paths, where they eat, and where they socialize, among other things. Architects and planners at Sasaki plan to use the information to develop campus planning for the next 20 years.

The results of the survey are available online as entrants submit their responses. One of the questions asks where people feel unsafe on campus. Shown above are the results for the 668 undergraduate and graduate students who have taken the survey so far.

As expected, students feel the least safe on Prospect St, a conclusion that crime data more or less supports. Other clusters of unease include the front gates and, somewhat surprisingly, outside of Leo’s.

Image: Georgetown University/Sasaki Strategies

3 Comments on “MyCampus survey reveals where students feel unsafe around Georgetown

  1. Unsafe doesn’t necessarily imply that students feel unsafe there at night. Prospect street lacks sidewalks in certain areas and cars/trucks drive pretty quickly down the road, making it unsafe. Also not that surprising that students feel unsafe at the front gates and outside Leo’s. The front gates is often a traffic nightmare with cars, taxis, buses, etc. The intersection outside Leo’s is a poor one and heavily populated with students. During heavy mealtimes, lines can run well into the street and intersection.

  2. @JHA

    Word. Students could interpret it that way.

  3. I also believe the phrasing of the survey specified that safety included vehicle/pedestrian collisions.

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