The Nationals up beer price to most expensive in league

While the weather may suggest otherwise, spring and, with it, professional baseball have begun in D.C. This baseball season is shaping up to be an exciting one for the Nationals, who are predicted to be the best team in the majors. Before running off to the next game, however, consider bringing extra cash. Out of the 30 MLB teams, the Nationals sell the most expensive beer.

The average beer at a Nationals game costs $8 for 16-ounces, which is the same amount that the Yankees charged their fans last season. Maybe all the hype¬†over their talented lineup has gone to the Nationals’ heads. It takes ambition to charge the same for a beer that the greediest team in baseball does.

The Nationals’ price is criminal, compared to some teams. The Cleveland Indians sell 12 ounces for $4, and the Arizona Daimondbacks have a glorious 14 ounce cup for $4.

The best way to avoid the pricey brews is to get to the game early; the full prices don’t kick in until after the first pitch is thrown. A special deal¬†offers $5 drinks before the game.

Photo: kenfagerdotcom via Flickr

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