GUSA Roundup: Rise up for limitless kegs!

gusaYesterday, the GUSA Senate passed a number of acts and resolutions pushing for more liberal enforcement of the rules on Georgetown Day, the issuance of GOCards with smart technology, the consolidation of university internet portals, and measures for sustainable development on campus.

Students to administrators: Let us party
The Resolution for On-Campus Social Life, which will be most immediately applicable to the upcoming Georgetown Day celebrations, calls for the removal or non-enforcement of the on-campus keg limit and that day-time socializing be monitored and regulated in the same manner as a weekend night.  Senator Ben Weiss (COL ’15), who introduced the bill, hoped it would avoid a repeat of the distasteful regulation of celebrations during last year’s Georgetown day and, given the recent crackdowns on off-campus socializing, promote incentive-based participation  in the Campus Plan.

Let the University track where we go in real time!
Senators Shwetta Wahal (SFS ’16), introduced a resolution advocating for a GUSA partnership with the GOCard Office in adding RFID chips in addition to the magnetic strips on GOCards. RFID chips would provide greater cost and time efficiency by allowing for one-touch scanning which would lengthen the life of student GOCards and remove the need for multiple swipes. (Vox is elated to think of everything she could do with the seconds of time that RFID chips would save her).

GUSA likes big words like “omnibus”
For the first time in GUSA history, the senate passed an omnibus bill (a combination between a resolution and an act) introduced by Senator Nicolo Dona Dalle Rose (SFS’14). [Nicolo Dona Dalle Rose is a former Voice staffer.]  The bill’s long-term goal is to consolidate the myriad website portals into a succinct system that won’t prompt you to endlessly enter your NetID and password. In the short term, the bill calls for GUSA to create a guide to the various portals so students have a guide to the mess that is Georgetown on the web.

GUSA teams up with Captain planet
The Senate ended by unanimously passing a bill introducing sustainability measures on campus such as the distribution and proper use of recycling bins in all buildings as well as monthly initiatives to promote practices such as composting among students.

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