GUSA Roundup: A resolution to help you get around

GUSA roundupThis Sunday afternoon, GUSA passed a “Resolution Concerning the Extension of GUTS Bus Schedules.”

A bill to break the bubble

Introduced by Mary Beth Brosnihan (SFS ’13), the bill encourages the extension of Georgetown University Transport Shuttle weekend service. The proposed schedule advocates operating hours from 6am until 1am on Saturdays and Sundays for Dupont and Rosslyn lines, with buses running every hour. Currently, GUTS operates on Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm, with buses running every hour and 20 minutes.

“It has been really annoying that there hasn’t been extensive service on weekends. Georgetown really is a bubble, and transportation should not be a reason why people are not exploring D.C. This resolution will decrease the time and difficulty it takes to get off the Hilltop,” said Brosnihan.

Jack Schmitt (COL ’15) added, “Many courses I take require me to go off campus to museums and such. If this university’s motto is cura personalis, it would only make sense that they support us going and exploring these various places.”

The University has previously said the purpose of GUTS is to transport on-campus and hospital workers, since Georgetown does not have immediate access to a Metro stop. However, weekend GUTS bus hours have been enacted in the past by former GUSA legislatures, who financed the project using GUSA funds.

“We have to keep in mind that paying for buses and drivers is very expensive. Two or three GUSA executives ago, GUTS buses were extended by allocating money for a few years. But the money ran out and the legislation was never renewed. If we could receive funding from the University, that would be huge,” said Sen. Robert Shepherd (COL ’15).

After a short period of debate, an amendment was added to include extension of the Wisconsin Avenue shuttle as well.

Various opinions surfaced during debate.

“I have a friendly amendment. I say we strike the whole bill and have the University fund electric scooters for everyone,” said Sen. Cannon Warren (SFS ’14).

“I am going to take my prerogative and say no,” said Speaker George Spyropoulos (SFS ’14).

The bill passed unanimously.

An open invitation to vent Leo’s angst

In other GUSA news, the Subcommittee on Food Service is hosting Dine with the Directors this Tuesday.

At 6:30pm in Leo’s Team Room (behind the ice cream station), any student may speak face-to-face with directors from Aramark, the food service giant who owns O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront.

Stop by to offer constructive criticism or let loose pre-final anxiety.

6 Comments on “GUSA Roundup: A resolution to help you get around

  1. I love how cura personalis is the every-excuse. GUTS buses? Cura personalis. Not specializing? Cura personalis. Contraception? Cura personalis. Vox pupuli? Cura personalis.

    I think GUSA should pass a resolution barring people from misusing well-defined Latin phrases to suit their needs. And then they can pass the scooter amendment.

  2. @Babs

    That’s how GUSA tries to be effective. It seems silly to us, but they’re trying to convince the administration to change something. It’s more persuasive if they argue in terms of things that the administration values, like cura personalis. GUSA does the same kind of thing when they frame things they want in terms of fulfilling campus plan agreements. That’s exactly how they framed their argument for why the campus keg limit should be lifted.

  3. I urge this Senator to continue to pursue this, but be careful. GUSA used to pay for weekend shuttles then stopped bc they argued (righfully so) that the University should foot the tab for buses not the students.

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