Bro gets drunk, takes Georgetown Waterfront fountain by storm

Have you ever gotten so trashed in public that you stripped down to your boxers and decided to swim in a public fountain alone? Well, it looks like at least one of you has.

This past Saturday, at Tony & Joe’s on the Georgetown Waterfront, onlookers captured cellphone video of a 20-something who strips and proceeds to prance about in the fountain, all the while being eyes suspiciously by bouncers in blue shirts. In the end, the bouncers take away his wristband and he’s denied reentry to the bar, though patrons seem to get a kick out of it, shouting “USA! USA!” and “YOLO.”

The people filming the video, presumably the man’s friends, keep muttering on about how the video’s gonna go viral. Well, Vox Populi plus some 300 people counts as viral, right?

h/t We Love D.C.

One Comment on “Bro gets drunk, takes Georgetown Waterfront fountain by storm

  1. Obviously part of the 2008 reunion

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