Georgetown alum, filmmaker Timothy Tracy freed from Venezuelan prison

Tim TracyGeorgetown alum and filmmaker Timothy Tracy (COL ’01) was released today from Venezuelan prison, 40 days after being arrested by order of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on charges of spying and inciting revolution.

The Associated Press reports:

Family and friends say the 35-year-old Hollywood producer and actor had been in the country since October making a documentary about Venezuelan politics when he was arrested on April 24 at Caracas’ airport as he tried to leave the country to attend his father’s 80th birthday in suburban Detroit.

U.S. President Barack Obama had deemed “ridiculous” allegations by Venezuela that he was a spy. Friends said Tracy hardly spoke Spanish and had been very open about his work as he met with Venezuelans on both sides of the country’s deep political divide. Tracy’s previous production work had included script consulting on a film about barbershop quartets.

Tracy’s release was organized by former U.S. Congressman William Delahunt, who has worked with Venezuelan authorities to ease tensions between the two countries, which haven’t had ambassadors since 2010. Delahunt was hired by Tracy’s family as an attorney in the case.

Unfortunately, Tracy isn’t the last Georgetown filmmaker held captive overseas.

Photo courtesy Tracy Family

3 Comments on “Georgetown alum, filmmaker Timothy Tracy freed from Venezuelan prison

  1. He is an alumus. There is no such thing as an “alum,” unless you are talking about a chemical compound.

  2. *alumnus.

    Also, putting foot in mouth.

  3. @proper

    “Alum” is colloquial for either alumnus or alumna. According to Voice style, it’s acceptable.

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