Prefrosh Preview: Weed, molly, coke—pick your favorite

Georgetown doesn’t have a huge drug scene, but many students smoke pot recreationally. Students often find it difficult to find dealers, though, and it’s even harder to find good places to smoke. Most students end up smoking in their dorm rooms or apartments, which is generally fine, though every once in a while people do get caught. A persistent rumor holds that the University’s smoke detectors are actually heat detectors and, therefore, won’t go off due to cannabis fumes. Proceed at your own risk.

The general rule is that RAs and DPS officers aren’t looking to bust anyone, so don’t give them a reason to. Make sure there aren’t any “suspicious odors” to investigate and you should be fine. As for smoking outside, Georgetown is located in an urban area, so there aren’t many options. Vox can’t tell you where to smoke, but check out these fine places to enjoy nature instead.

According to Vox‘s research, a gram costs about $20, which seems about an average price, and a eighth runs about $60. (That’s probably not accurate. Commenters, feel free to chime in.) Most of the people who deal to students are small-time and many are students themselves. The administration takes drug violations seriously, and, as a result, many students have trouble finding dealers.

Some schools, apparently, have parties where students will serve weed along with alcohol. Nothing like that happens at Georgetown. Most of the time, people smoke in small groups with their friends.

Hard drugs aren’t prevalent at Georgetown. Cocaine takes a long second place to weed in popularity. People use other drugs like molly and LSD, but you have to know someone to get it. Usually, students will take those sorts of party drugs right before going to clubs. Study drugs are somewhat popular as well, though, again, access is limited.

Also, for some reason, Georgetown always gets associated with meth, though usually it’s actually DMT or The Hoya jumping to conclusions.

Vox‘s disclaimer yesterday applies here: This preview is intended to provide a realistic picture of undergraduate drug culture at Georgetown University. Most of the information here is common knowledge and does not come from personal experience. Vox doesn’t endorse breaking any laws.

3 Comments on “Prefrosh Preview: Weed, molly, coke—pick your favorite

  1. Don’t smoke on the roof of LXR.

    And if you’re gonna smoke in your room, make sure you have an advanced ventilation system.

  2. Just grow your own. The Village A balconies and the townhouses are perfect for it.

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