Twuesday Tweetacular: Barack Obama makes a splash at Georgetown


Vox brings you Twuesday Tweetacular late this Wednesday so that we could properly archive Twitter reactions to Obama’s speech at Old North (and more importantly his sexy striptease during it).

CNN Politics

CNN Politics caught the real story as always. Obama had to take his coat off because of the heat. No better way to send a message about global warming than making viewers sweat it out in 93 degree weather.


Former Voice Leisure Editor Julia Lloyd-George was able to get the real gist of the speech.

Matthew Fried

Matthew Fried, however, was bitter about the whole thing. Silly Matthew, he wouldn’t be able to make his point about global warming in Chicago! The high there was 86 degrees yesterday. He wouldn’t even have to take off his coat in that weather. And what would CNN have to report on then?

Jake Sticka

The world finally knows the hardships that Georgetown students endure every day.

Chris HellerIn the 90 degree weather, Vox wouldn’t even blame him. We could have even held a wet t-shirt contest.

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