Prefrosh Preview: Submit your questions to Vox‘s advice columnist

Howdy, Freshmen. Although Vox has already put together a fair set of prefosh previews for you all, with many more on the way, we know our fair blog won’t ever be able to answer all of your questions. Perhaps you want to know where you can find the hottest country music club. Maybe you’re worried about having to deal with your parents as you leave home for the first time. Vox doesn’t know, but we have a solution.

During the school year, the always-insightful Emlyn Crenshaw pens a weekly advice column for Vox called Just the Tip. She’s counseled everyone from disgruntled roommates, to anxious liberal arts majors, to those “trying to work this whole free love angle at Georgetown.” And now it’s time for her to help you, class of 2017.

Use the completely anonymous form below to submit your question. Ask Vox anything you want to know, though keep it tasteful (because Vox is always tasteful). We’ll put up responses as we receive submissions.

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Note that all submissions become the exclusive property of the Georgetown Voice, which reserves the right to edit for clarity and length.

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