Laura Anderko, Georgetown professor honored by the White House

Shortly after President Obama’s presented his speech on climate change at Georgetown, Laura Anderko, a Georgetown professor at the School of Nursing and Health Studies, was also invited by the White House  to share her perspective and counsel with senior officials on protecting public health during a period of climate change (her feedback on the speech is shown in the video above).

Additionally, Dr. Anderko, who attained her Ph.D in public health and specializes in environmental health from the University of Illinois, was honored in a ceremony today as a White House Champion of Change  for her leadership in spreading awareness about climate-related health issues and her advocacy of policy changes that will help combat these issues.

Dr. Anderko, who holds the Robert and Kathleen Scanlon Endowed Chair in Values Based Health Care at Georgetown’s nursing school, is well known and respected around the nation for her work in environmental changes and health effects. She has conducted significant research, which has been published widely, and been interviewed regularly about the effects of climate change on human health.

Furthermore, Anderko regularly uses her well-accredited research and background to push for political change. She often speaks out publicly on climate change issues, which includes providing testimony to Congress. She most recently was a panelist during a webinar for the Climate Reality Project on the role of health care professionals in mitigating climate change.

Through her national voice, Anderko hopes to continue to educate the public on climate change and how it is negatively affecting the world’s health and future.

“People are involved in climate change, but they often don’t understand the health implications,” she said.  “A prominent event like this is a great opportunity to raise awareness.  I am grateful to the American Lung Association and Health Care Without Harm for nominating me and to Georgetown University for supporting my work.”

Video: Georgetown University

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