Group of alumni calls dorm plan ugly, starts online petition

SMALLERExt_SouthWest-peepsReiss and Lau’s baby, apparently

Supplementing some heated debate on Vox comment threads, a group of alumni have started circulating a petition to get Georgetown to reconsider building the dorm planned for Georgetown’s “Northeast Triangle”—the patch of green space across from Reiss Science building. The petition has 210 signatories as of this posting and seems to be gaining steam rapidly. While the Old Georgetown Board objected to various aspects of the University’s proposal, this group of alumni is wholly concerned with the look and location of the building:

“Students and alumni were unanimous in their opposition to the uninspired, Eastern Bloc-like proposal, completely incongruous with Georgetown’s rich architectural heritage, in addition to taking up one of the last remaining green spaces on campus. … We deserve to seek out architects that have experience with designing buildings in a spirit and style that matches Georgetown’s history, as seen in Healy, Old North and more, and not settle for another Darnall or New South out of expediency.”

They also provide some examples of building styles that they’d rather like to see—most of which resemble the faux-aged opulence the of Duke rather than the old grandeur of Healy Hall. Even though petitions start up for every frivolous undertaking, supporters of this petition seem to have a chance at affecting the outcome. The University has some history of bowing at the weight of viral causes.

Design courtesy Georgetown University

11 Comments on “Group of alumni calls dorm plan ugly, starts online petition

  1. This “group of alumni” that started it is the Stewards, they just didn’t put their name on the petition. And for once this is something of the Stewards’ that I wholeheartedly support. This design is terrible and ugly.

  2. Godwin’s Law for Vox Populi: As the number of comments increases, the probability that a commenter will mention the Stewarts approaches 1.

  3. Which society of Stewart’s? Second, third, twenty third?

  4. But seriously guys, this dorm is horrendous looking.

  5. I strongly advocate for the Web Design approach. Let’s build it. If we like, we’ll keep it. If not, we’ll blow the damn thing up and start over. It’s a win-win-win.

  6. If this is the baby of two abominations, shouldn’t it be called the North West triangle?

  7. Babs, Imma let you finish, but Kim and me had the greatest power couple baby of all time. ALL TIME


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