Twuesday Tweetacular: Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

cannon warren

Personally, Vox thinks the new logo looks snazzy and latex-free, but Cannon Warren‘s right to free speech is definitely protected.

gtown bromo

The next thing GtownBromo heard was that this prospective student also doesn’t see himself becoming president or, at least, a senator. Some people just have no ambition.

college life

College Life reminds us of that far-away time before people shared every little thought on national politics and passive-aggressively complained about friends who only slightly bother them. Despite very rarely, um, “forgetting”  the TweetacularVox can’t imagine the world without Twitter.

brian carden

D.C. may nickel and dime you for carrying groceries, but Brian Carden should just be thankful that the District hasn’t tried to ban large sodas… yet.

silly freshmen

Silly Freshmen is going to have it really rough when it’s time to preregister for classes.

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