President DeGioia announces changes in health insurance plans, Georgetown’s insurers will cover contraception

Free Condom Man plied his goods in Red SquareIn possibly the most exciting email about health insurance ever, University President John DeGioia announced today that as part of the reforms accompanying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance providers that service Georgetown University will be required to pay for preventive services for women, without subjecting patients to co-payments.

As outlined by the federal Health Services and Resources Administration, among these services are access to FDA-approved contraceptive methods and counseling for survivors of domestic violence.

While Georgetown has refused to pay for contraceptive services on the basis of its Catholic identity, in June, the Obama administration finalized details pertaining to the exception for eligible groups who oppose contraception on a religious basis. Every student, faculty member or staff member who has a plan with the University, regardless of provider, will be covered as per this regulation.

DeGioia emphasized that Georgetown remains a strongly Catholic institution despite these changes. “Georgetown … join[ed] with our Catholic and Jesuit colleagues in higher education in publicly expressing our hope that a compromise would be found allowing us to comply with the law and honor our Catholic and Jesuit identity,” he wrote.

H*yas for Choice sent out an email in support of this change, calling it a “huge step forward in the struggle for reproductive justice.” Meanwhile, William Blatty’s head is spinning, 360 degrees.

There is more detailed information about coverage available for Georgetown students here.

Photo: Christine Folger/H*yas for Choice

4 Comments on “President DeGioia announces changes in health insurance plans, Georgetown’s insurers will cover contraception

  1. So when, as a result of this, do Georgetown women finally become sluts?

  2. I believe when we are given the order by Rush Limbaugh. Not sure about that one, though.

  3. Well that was an intelligent comeback.

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