Tombs patron reports being stabbed to DPS, was just high instead

VikingTuesday morning, DPS emailed the Georgetown University community with a public safety alert, explaining how, at approximately 10:52 the night before, a student standing in front of the Tombs was stabbed twice and taken to the Georgetown Hospital. The victim told DPS that a tall, blond, white man stabbed him twice before running off into the neighborhood with the knife.

Just hours later, however, DPS sent out another emailing explaining that the supposed victim had recanted his entire story, and that “no assault occurred.”

From what Vox has gathered from Tombs staff, the student who reported being stabbed was enjoying his time at Tombs until he began acting unreasonably rowdy and was thrown out. After being outside in front of the Tombs, this patron called DPS and began to explain to both DPS and Tombs staff that he was injured on an elbow and knee by a random assailant, pictured left.

Joe Madsen (COL ’14) was working a shift as a waiter at the Tombs when the stabbing was reported and saw the student who reported it. “He had a pretty vivid description of the stabbing,” Madsen said, noting how strange the patron had been acting. “The injuries didn’t seem like a stabbing though. Knee and elbow? Who gets stabbed there? Amateur hour.”

Other Tombs staff confirmed that the victim was thrown out of the Tombs prior to his report to DPS for being rowdy.

One Tombs waiter, who asked to remain anonymous and knows the victim personally, said that the patron was high on Xanax when he started acting up and saying he was stabbed. This Tombs waiter refused to reveal the patron’s name out of respect for his privacy. Vox just finds it hard to believe that getting crossfaded on Xanax at the Tombs is enough of a thing that someone actually did it.

DPS remained all but silent on the incident. “Well, there’s really not a whole lot to say about it,” Chief Jay Gruber said, his only official comment on the matter. “We thought it was one whole thing and it turned into another.”

That’s one way to put it. Another way to put it is that DPS spent its Monday night trying to chase-down a stabber who was made up by a high student with a skinned knee and elbow.

Additional reporting by Madhuri Vairapandi and Julia Tanaka.

Photo: erikki via Flickr. 

14 Comments on “Tombs patron reports being stabbed to DPS, was just high instead

  1. I see Vikings when I’m tripping balls all the time. What’s the big deal?

  2. What appalls me is that a student reports being stabbed and the student body is alerted 12 hours later that an assailant is loose in West Georgetown with a bloody knife. Wether the story is later proven to be flase or not, I find it horrifying that the university waits HOURS before telling the student body. Had the incident been real, it’s outrageous to think students living in the area would have been clueless to until the following morning.

  3. You’re appalled that the university would wait to get an accurate story before blasting an email to the entire university community about a stabber on the loose?? Really?? It sounds like it was pretty clear from the time of the incident that there was, in fact, not an actual stabbing. It’s not like this kid had a gaping wound.

    I bet if the university had alerted the whole community about a stabbing at the time this high kid called the police, you’d be whining the next day about how the university should’ve waited to get its story straight before needlessly panicking the entire school.

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  6. Probably the worst reporting I have ever seen.

  7. I’d say this is the BEST reporting I’ve ever seen.

  8. I think you’re high on Xanax cus this is fantastic.

  9. I’d much rather be needlessly panicked than roaming the streets with an assailant on the loose. A 12hour delay in notifying the students of a reported violent crime is pathetic. The reversal came two hours after that. Didn’t seem to me like that waited to release the story with everything figured out.

  10. @@really…cause* or rather “because”…act like a Georgetown student…Vox used to have actual readers, including alums, stop making up shit that students say at this school in an attempt to get a laugh, it doesn’t work.

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  12. ya dat shit is whack woah bad spelling bro u r really dumb 4 sure

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  14. Because vikings are the only types of tall, white & blond men who were remotely capable of committing such crimes. We have tall, black men w/ hoodies for that now-a-days.

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