Some say the world will end in fire, District weather proves them right

FireA humid heat wave has had the District in its sweaty grip for the past week, with temperatures staying uncomfortably above 80 degrees for over five days. Tomorrow, pictured at left, is projected to be 91 degrees.

While it hasn’t been a record-setting summer in terms of temperature, the one-two punch of heat and humidity has escalated the pain of being outdoors to levels previously unknown for this city of desk workers, the Post calling humidity levels “obscene.” The humidity  has escalated steadily, hanging out at above 50 percent regularly. It has also escalated usage of the word “moist.” Thanks a bunch, humidity.

Additionally, the weather has pushed D.C. homeless shelters to their limits, as many seek relief from the unrelenting heat. The number of heat-related illnesses in the area has also increased significantly. Vox is going to be your mom and everybody else and remind you that hydration is extremely important, and that iced lattes do not count as water. Water usually counts as water, although other drinks that replenish electrolytes can also be beneficial.

If you happen to see someone who seems in need of help, the District has put out a helpful map with cooling centers and shelters for both the homeless and the elderly, or you can call a special hotline at 1-800-535-7252 to assist them. Of course, if it is an emergency, 911 is still your safest bet.

Honestly, Vox can barely tolerate living in the actual fires of Mount Doom for much longer. If it doesn’t cool off soon, she might have to take drastic measures. It’s even raining more in the desert.

Photo: Andrew Malone via Flickr. 

One Comment on “Some say the world will end in fire, District weather proves them right

  1. it’s not as hot as last summer and it has rained quite a bit, including yesterday…what are you writing about? I mean yeah, its hot, but this is sensationalism. yellow journalism. I expected better from Vox once upon a time.

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