Twuesday Tweetacular: Burn Notice, starring Nate Lubick

rob iannacone

Like Vox, Rob Iannacone is 20 years old and still gets terrified going down to get something in the basement after seeing a scary movie.

doron lamb 1

Don’t you just hate it when that happens, Doron Lamb?

nate lubick

This just makes Vox wonder what Burn Notice would be like if it starred Nate Lubick leading a double-life as both a Miami secret agent and a Georgetown very tall person.

uber facts

Stop everything. UberFacts can’t be right about this one. It would make too much sense to put cats to use as spiesVox is testing this one out on his own.

tim long

Tim Long has been covering the two-popes-alive-awkwardness since Pope Francis’ election last spring. Vox has heard rumors that Francis plans to stop Benedict from borrowing his golf clubs soon.

sara ainsworth


The breakfast foods world owes a lot to Sara Ainsworth. Without her, nobody would have known that there was a cannibalistic cereal killer on the loose!

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