Vox Pupuli, mascot edition: J.J. to be a stay-at-home dog

Rockin itFear not, Georgetown students! According to the Georgetown website, the administration likes having an adorable dog mascot around as much as you do—it’s still a “cherished tradition” that will continue, just not this time around.

It’s been decided that the Georgetown campus and sports games would be a little too exciting for little J.J.: “Recognizing that the lifestyle of a mascot is exciting and hectic, involving many people, thousands of screaming fans, and regular appearances at events both on and off-campus, we wanted to ensure that our puppy would be happy with this unique lifestyle,” the University said. Unfortunately, after 15 months of careful examination by staff, professional trainers and a breeder, it was determined that this wasn’t the life for J.J. He will move to a family home off-campus.

It is still unclear as to how or when the tradition will continue, however. Fr. Christopher Steck, who has cared for both Jack and J.J., released a statement that said, “I have not been told what exactly this means for the mascot tradition.

“My hope is that the university moves quickly to establish a transparent and collaborative process for determining the next steps, one that welcomes the various voices of the entire Georgetown community,” he said. “I am grateful for my time with Jack and JJ.”

Photo: Fr. Christopher Steck

6 Comments on “Vox Pupuli, mascot edition: J.J. to be a stay-at-home dog

  1. I hear JJ stepped down to marry the British socialite corgi, Sherry Windsor. Maybe JJ’s brother could step up if only he could get over his bark impediment.

  2. Start asking some real questions:
    -Why announce this in the middle of summer (see: NE Triangle, student parking, etc.)?
    -Who are these animal behavior experts? Seriously?
    -Why was the man who knew the dog best not consulted? That speaks volumes.

    Seems like this is another case of a lazy University Counsel who was potentially faced with a lawsuit. And when the odds are in Georgetown’s favor, 99-1, we settle, because why would we risk it???

  3. I don’t understand this at all. Why do it without Fr. Steck’s input? His statement about wanting the process to be “transparent and collaborative” is obviously poking at the fact that this decision was neither. If it is best for JJ then of course it’s the right decision. I just don’t understand how they could possibly have come to that conclusion unilaterally.

  4. I’d like to know more about this lawsuit filed by a family that The Hoya mentioned. Get on it, Vox.

  5. The combination of the GU legal department and the public affairs department is horrendous. Time to clean Healy and get a more accepting, reasonable, and in-touch set of executives.

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