Comments of the Week: Vox commenters’ secret gay agenda

Last week, Vox covered the future of the new campus pub, found out that Hoya Court will continue to be lame until at least mid-October, and gave prefrosh an honest look at Leo’s fine cuisine.

When the administration promised temporary dining options and more meal trucks to make up for construction delays in Hoya Court, GFK exposed the administration’s tsarist tactics for what they truly are.

Georgetown: Hiding incompetence behind Potemkin village-like appeasement since 1789.

In response to bar manager Fritz Brogan’s suggestion that the pub be named Stonewall’s, AVK made an interesting reference.

It would be my dream to have a bar named Stonewall’s on Georgetown’s campus…but probably for a different reason than Fritz Brogan’s.

The ever-vigilant Babs, meanwhile, saw straight through AFK’s political ploy.


Are you part of Georgetown’s gay agenda? I hear its irrepressible and well-trained.

MJS sensed the chemistry between the two and played matchmaker.

AVK and MJS @ Stonewall2 2gether 4ever <3

Take it from us, Vox hookups are pretty rad.

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