The Lord of the Things: Ten tips to get you through freshman year

Oh, the first couple weeks of freshman year. What a glorious time, full of new experiences, new people, and getting horribly lost in the ICC. It’s a time for exploration and discovering who you are, all while finding your destiny and figuring out how to use the printers in Lau. 

Maybe all this new stuff has you feeling a little stressed.

But never fear, Vox is here! In our first issue of the semester, the Voice featured Bridging the Gap: Stories from Hoyas who’ve been thereVox, aided and abetted by The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, has ten  blunders you should avoid while stumbling through the first month of being a freshman.

1) Roaming the streets looking for a party.

Upperclassmen love new Hoyas. We think y’all are adorable. However, in all likelihood we do not want you and half of your floor knocking on our doors in search for a good time.  In all honesty, stumbling down O Street dressed to the nines with fifteen of you closest friends is not the most enjoyable or dignified experience. If you plan to go out, spare yourself the shame and go in small groups to parties you are actually invited to.

2) Going to Brown House.

Yes Brown House is the stuff of  Georgetown legend, but the minute you cross the threshold, ready to get jiggy with it,  you will find that what  you thought would be a night delivered from the gods ends up being disappointing. See above, regarding parties you’re invited to.

3) Staying on Campus.

 If there is one thing you should do during your time on the Hilltop, it’s escape the bubble. D.C. maintains a constant pulse of events, performances, and nightlife to suit everyone’s tastes. Check out Remix Your Weekend on Vox if you’re pressed for ideas.

4) Drinking to impress.

First time away from home? Had your first drink a few weeks ago, or yesterday, or tonight?  If you are not an experienced drinker cool your jets for a while. Downing endless shots of Burnett’s will not prove that you are a badass, as a matter of fact, in all likelihood no one will notice how much you’re drinking until you pass out or vomit. That’s not hot.

5) Forgetting to call in ahead for Wisey’s .

Not the most egregious of errors, but when you are hungry even a 10-minute wait for a sandwich can seem like an eternity. The only thing between you and sandwich paradise is one phone call.

6) Overcommitting.

Okay, sure fencing, cooking, student government, soccer, community service, and journalism are just a few of your burning passions.  Let’s be real. You need to sleep, and as a great woman once said. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Vox gets it—Georgetown’s a competitive place.  Upon your arrival at Georgetown, you will inevitably encounter talk of internships, application processes, and auditions. Don’t stress! Although it seems like every person on this campus walks around constantly updating their never-ending resumé and you can’t even use the public bathroom without going through a second-round interview, just get comfortable in your own skin and you’ll find an organization that’s a good match.

7) Eating poorly.


Now that you’re living on your own, you’re completely responsible for your own meals. For some of you, this might mean chips, coffee, and Leo’s, Leo’s, Leo’s. Yes, Vox knows that dorm kitchens aren’t the best, but do yourself a favor and make sure you eat a vegetable once in a while. Make sure to check out the Georgetown Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays on the pathway from the front gates to Red Square, where there’s plenty of organic, local produce to choose from. 

8) Trying to be the same person you were in high school.

 Georgetown is an entirely new environment, so, for the first few weeks you’re here, cut yourself some social slack.  Take advantage of that time to do some self-maintenance, give your self a new look, or scramble to bury your past before anyone discovers your darkest secrets (i.e. this picture).

9) Becoming a new person entirely.

Don’t go overboard with “the new you”. You’re at Georgetown, not the witness protection program. If you do want to remake your image, try to strike a balance between old and new, and don’t become something you’re not.

10) Being afraid to make mistakes. 

It might be a class you didn’t want, or somebody on your floor you haven’t talked to, but some of the best things Vox has found at Georgetown have been unexpected. As clichéd as it is, you really won’t learn very much unless you head outside your comfort zone—so go ahead. As long as you’re not falling into the fires of Mount Doom, it’s a good bet you’ll discover something exciting.

5 Comments on “The Lord of the Things: Ten tips to get you through freshman year

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  2. this is wonderful but I think you forgot this important and Georgetown-related LOTR quote:

    “where there’s life there’s hope, and need of vittles.”


  3. You can try to convince yourselves that there is a list of cleverly-gif-accented tips to help you on your way through life at Georgetown. But let’s stick to the facts: there is no hope. Nothing can prepare you for what is to come.

  4. There was never any hope, really. Only a fool’s hope.

  5. Do this freshman year…For Frodo…

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