Georgetown’s Bulldog Advisory Committee has found the next mascot

NAWWW SO CUTEEEE. (Note: none of these puppies are the actual bulldog).

The Georgetown Community’s newest member is about nine weeks old, drools a lot, and snorts constantly.

Rachel Pugh, Director of Media Relations, announced earlier today that the Bulldog Advisory Committee (yes, there is an entire committee at Georgetown dedicated to dealing with the mascots) chose a new puppy to replace Jack Jr.

The BAC,  formed this summer in response to the backlash towards the University’s controversial decision on J.J., went through the best offers that poured in after the University announced J.J. would retire.

The group, which is comprised of Pugh, Friar Fr. Christopher Steck, members of the Jack Crew, and alumni, settled on this new puppy Wednesday.

Pugh said the process is in its very early stages, so very little has been decided on for training, housing, care, and other needs the puppy may have. The group will take into account what they learned from caring for J.J.

Though no one has met the puppy in person, so to speak, and they haven’t seen a photo of him, the puppy seemed like a good choice to all involved in the decision-making process.

“We’re all confident that it’s a good opportunity,” Pugh told the Vox in an interview. “It will happen. We will have another mascot on campus.”

The most important question that remains is what the new puppy will named. A student featured in this week’s Twuesday Tweetacular suggested that the puppy be named JB III, which has Vox’s stamp of approval.

Photo: Bulldogdoc via Flickr

4 Comments on “Georgetown’s Bulldog Advisory Committee has found the next mascot

  1. He’s a Jesuit, not a [Franciscan] Friar. (Signed, your friendly neighborhood traffic cop of ecclesial terminology.)

  2. I would love to see the criteria used to make the selection…

  3. It should be Rev. (Reverend), “Father” is a term only used in spoken communications not written.

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