University announces changes to Student Code of Conduct

Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, pictured at left, sent out an email earlier this evening vaguely outlining some of the changes to the Student Code of Conduct this year. Vox has the breakdown of the key changes for you.

Eliminating violation categories

One of the biggest changes made was that the school “eliminated Category A, B, and C violations.” Beforehand, the punishment for an offense would be decided based on the category, C being the most serious. Infractions such as drinking, possession of an “unauthorized keg,” playing sports in a hallway, and owning candles (in a dorm) would all have been lumped into one category — in this case Category A.

Now, each offense is taken on a case-by-case basis. Though playing hall sports or owning a halogen lightbulb rarely ended in fines or being written up, those offenses are now not considered on the same level as having a keg (which is now probably authorized thanks to the lift on the keg ban).

The Office of Student Conduct now addresses off-campus incidents

Though off-campus students can still be charged under a “more likely than not” scenario — as opposed to “clear and convincing” on campus — there is no longer a separate office for dealing with such incidences, according to Michelle Mohr (COL ’15), co-director of the Student Advocacy Office.

Beforehand, the Office of Off Campus Student Life would handle those violations, but now all are handled by the Office of Student Conduct.

On- and off-campus policies are aligned?

This incredibly vague statement pretty much means that the school is continuing its attempts to move partying back on campus, according to Mohr.

So policies that make partying on campus really easy and partying off campus not as easy will continue. Vox is still not quite sure why this is being called an “alignment,” as the policies seem to be moving in opposite directions.

Photo: Hilary Nakasone/Georgetown Voice

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