9:30 Club manager dies at age 36, possible suicide

On Monday morning, news surfaced that 9:30 Club manager Josh Burdette was discovered dead in his home on Sunday evening. Burdette was beloved and admired by touring bands and D.C. show-goers alike for his commitment to the Club. His death is now being investigated as a possible suicide.

Burdette was best known for his appearance; anyone who has been to 9:30 probably remembers seeing him. The 340-pound, six foot-three man clad himself in tattoos, piercings, and gauges. But those who had a chance to know him speak of his friendly, caring attitude towards all the people he met.

“Here was this scary looking dude that was a complete contradiction of his appearance,” 9:30 Club co-owner Seth Hurwitz said, according to Consequence of Sound. “I think everyone felt a little ashamed and learned from that. We were all so proud to have him as our ambassador to the world.”

In addition to his welcoming personality, Burdette is also known for taking his managerial position very seriously. “I’m not going to lose my job for 20 bucks,” Burdette once said, referring to his stance on turning down bribes, according to CoS. Burdette once recounted a story of a weekend when he turned down thousands of dollars in bribes from people trying to see sold-out shows of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead. “My job is to say no, and I’m really good at it,” Burdette said.

Various forms of condolences have been left in and around the 9:30 Club, and dozens of bands have offered their own messages. Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem tweeted about Burdette, and local act Black Clouds posted a photo and message about Burdette on their Facebook page.

“He was more than a friend to anyone that had the pleasure of knowing him,” Black Clouds wrote. “He was bigger than life in every sense of those words. We could never imagine being the band we are without people like Josh in our lives.”

Photo: anthonylibrarian via Flickr

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