District Digest: Baby daddies and anti-discrimination efforts

Baby panda born at the National Zoo, but who’s the daddy?

Last week, the National Zoo announced the birth of a panda cub named Buterstick II. The news was well received after the recent discovery of a stillborn panda cub, according to the DCist. Butterstick II is 137 grams, happy and healthy.

There is, however, a shred of darkness among all the celebration. The National Zoo is grappling with the question: who is the panda’s baby daddy? Mei Xiang, Butterstick II’s mama was inseminated with sperm from two different pandas: the National Zoo’s Tian Tian and the San Diego Zoo’s Gao Gao.

So where do Butterstick II’s roots lie? Forget China. The American public wants to know: DC or California?

The National Zoo refuses to provide any more information until they receive the results of the paternity test. But if you can’t play the waiting game, direct your frustration to FONZ, or Friends of the National Zoo. They promise live updates.

Vox would like to congratulate Mei Xiang, and the National Zoo, on the birth of Butterstick II.

OHR’s new campaign hopes to fight discrimination against immigrants

The District’s Office of Human Rights launched a new campaign last week that centers on the D.C. immigrant population, according to the Washington City Paper. Last year, the OHR focused its campaign on transgender rights.

The office’s current campaign includes eight different advertisements of immigrants sharing his or her story. The campaign makes it clear that it focuses on fighting discrimination in the District rather than advocating for any immigration policy. Bright colors and large smiles reflect the campaign’s warm message. D.C. goers will be able to find these ads on their commute to and from work in the Metrorail system and on local buses.

The visual focal point of the ad, in a large and bold font, is “I’m a proud immigrant and I contribute to D.C.” The advertisement also provides D.C. residents with a number to call if they’ve ever felt discriminated against because of their national origin or accent.

Talk of intervention in Syria heightens District security

President Barack Obama announced his proposed plan to take military action in Syria Saturday, pending congressional authorization. During the announcement, demonstrators from both sides of the issue stormed the White House, and Capitol Police in riot gear soon intervened in an attempt to ease the crowd, according to the Washington Times.

Though there is no addition in units of security as of yet, patrols at monuments and memorials have been urged to be more alert in anticipation of further reactions on the issue.

Spokesman, Officer Shennell Antrobus, however, reminded D.C. residents “we are just always at a high level of awareness.”

Photo: Phaedra via Flickr

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