ANC Wrap-Up: It’s bureaucracy celebration week up in Ward 2

On Tuesday evening, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, which represents the Georgetown, Burleith, and Hillendale areas, met to have their monthly discussions about parking spaces, smelly trees, and police speedboats.

Not every meeting can be as exciting as this one, but here’s what was on the agenda this month.

Parking up the wrong tree

In early August, the District implemented a new program to change the parking situation in Georgetown. In an effort to clean up the situation somewhat, the District Department of Transportation implemented a city-wide visitor parking pass program, wherein residents could request a pass for any visitors, who could then park on residential streets free of charge. The obvious catch is that in an area as high in demand for parking as Georgetown, these passes could go for a pretty sweet premium.

The ANC expressed their displeasure at the new DDOT measure, although not with as much intensity as the Georgetown Metropolitan. So keep your eyes peeled for visitor parking passes on the black market, although Vox is going to guess you’re never going to need them.

Duking it out over Duke Ellington

The arts-focused school up on Reservoir Rd. is getting a redesign as soon as the planners can get an architect, according to Commissioner Ron Lewis. They are planning the expansion of their theater and an underground garage.

While some neighbors were indignant that they had heard so little about the project to begin with, the ones who had were very concerned about traffic, according to The Georgetowner. They were soothed by Lewis with reassurances that there will be time for public input later, like maybe when they actually get an architect.

El Centro of ANC agreements

After the Third Edition shuttered its doors in February, we’ve been waiting to see what Richard Sandoval Restaurants, who bought the space, will do with it. This Friday, you’ll have a chance to find out—the ANC reached an agreement with El Centro, the restaurant opening at Third Edition’s old location. The discussion involved a heavy emphasis on crowds, hours, and definitely noise levels, Vox is sure. (It’s a tequila and tacos place, in the off-chance that you were interested.)

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