Comments of the Week: Hating on cute animals is not tolerated on this blog

Last week, Vox shed some tears over the loss at 9:30 Club, ran into lots and lots of bureaucracy, and caught wind of the University’s brilliant consideration that a satellite campus might be a good idea.

In last week’s Comments of the Week, JLG shed some more light on her steamy interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bom-chicka-wa-wahh.

@Babs, my IMAGINATION went in a completely different direction, but I think the shared initial thing was a bit of a dealbreaker for him. alas.

GFK did some classic hating 0n Vox. He clearly doesn’t understand that Vox Pupuli isn’t a game. We’re not just messing around with that stuff.


So glad Vox Pupuli is picking up pace. Because who cares that Vincent Gray is expected to sign a bill forcing retailers to pay a 50 cent premium on the minimum wage in D.C.?

Panda knows what Vox is talking about with these cute animals. No words in this comment, just a video of some baby pandas playing on a slide.

In what was a busy week of commenting for GFK, the commenter nailed the first comment on the satellite campus post with a brilliant suggestion:

If you think about it, a small satellite campus is a brilliant idea. We could vote undergrads off the Hilltop and make a reality T.V. show out of it! Think of all the money Georgetown can make and subsequently make disappear with absolutely no visible improvements to student life!

Vox is considering a similar process for vetting new writers. “The blog has spoken.”

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