Cab driver stabs two men at Georgetown waterfront

This past Sunday, a driver stabbed two potential passengers. At 7:30pm, outside the Washington Harbour retail-condo, tourists overlooking the waterfront got a view of taxi driver, Yohannes Deresses, taking a knife to two young people.

Onlookers of the event saw a cab pull over, allowing two young men and the driver to get out. Alexandra Waldon (COL '15) witnessed the event in full. “[Two young men] had been verbally accosted by the cab driver which provoked them to ask him to pull over and refuse to take his cab service,” she wrote in an email to Vox.

Once out of the car, the verbal argument escalated into a bloody fight, with Deresses taking his knife to the two boys. One was stabbed three times and the other had his finger badly sliced.

Unfortunately for the driver, the nation’s capital is not the best place to commit and get away with a crime. Within a mile radius of the crime, there are about a dozen embassies—the Secret Service was close by and responded quickly, arresting Deresses while waiting for Metro Police to arrive. Deresses made no attempt to resist his arrest. Waldon said, “The cab driver didn't run, he simply stood by the car, very serene and super eerie.”

Deresses is currently indicted with two counts of assault using a lethal weapon, but police are still looking for an explanation of his violence. The two wounded were taken to a nearby hospital and their current medical state is unknown.

Photo: Kevin H. via Flickr


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