So, do you actually care about the satellite dorm thing?

There’s been a great hullaballoo over the news that the University is starting to think about considering an off-campus site for a new dorm, in order to help fulfill the Campus Plan housing requirements.

Zach Singer (SFS ’15), chief of staff for the current GUSA administration, launched a campaign called One Georgetown, One Campus in order to gather signatures to put a referendum against a satellite dorm, as nebulous as the concept may be at this point. The petition has garnered enough signatures for the issue to appear on the GUSA Senate election ballots on Sept. 26.

Of course, petitions aside, at the core of the issue is what students really think. In order to find out, Vox wanted to use the real measure of truth: an Internet poll.

[polldaddy poll=7385669]

5 Comments on “So, do you actually care about the satellite dorm thing?

  1. It’s called being proactive Vox. For once let’s express our opinions on something before we get the inevitable email saying we have no choice in the matter

  2. Why isn’t there an option for an orbiting satellite campus?

  3. lawlz lets put DTO in Clarendon?? cant that be an option???

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