These boots were made for shopping: the Frye Company comes to Georgetown

_DSC0004This weekend the Frye Company will join the ranks of ritzy boutiques on Wisconsin Avenue, opening a new location in the District’s oldest firehouse. Now, instead of hunky firefighters and emergency equipment, the building will be filled with premium leather goods and shoppers.

The new store is spacious and open, with an airy, rustic feel and plenty of lighting. The vintage photographs, distressed wood panels, and wide, curved staircase evoke the history of the building, which was constructed in 1864, and the company’s particular brand of classic style. The firehouse also ties in neatly with Frye’s own history, as the company too was created in 1864.

Creative director for Frye Michael Petry stressed the fact that the store has something for everyone, even if they’re not interested in boots. “The first thing consumers will notice as soon as they walk through the door, is that we are more than just boots, we’re a lifestyle brand,” Petry said, according to the Georgetown Dish. He added that the store will feature ballet flats, men’s sneakers, and bags, as well as boots.

So, for the Georgetown student looking to invest in a good pair of shoes, Frye’s new location at 1066 Wisconsin Avenue provides yet another option. Happy shopping!

Photo: Ambika Ahuja/Georgetown Voice

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