Creator of the world’s largest rubber ducky visits Georgetown

How could Pittsburgh get any classier?

Sculptor Florentjin Hofman, creator of the world’s largest rubber ducky, visited Georgetown Monday night on a stop before arriving at the cutting edge of the American art scene in Pittsburgh.

The duck, which stands at an impressive 46 feet (6 stories) high and 55 feet-wide, is currently on a world tour and has drawn massive crowds in harbors throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.  The exposition of the duck in Pittsburgh, however, will be the first time the duck will be displayed in the U.S.

Hofman specializes in the creation of large-scale sculptures and his humorous  projects can be seen throughout the world. His works seek to engage his audience and he encourages visitors to interact with his creations.

Earlier this month, Hofman unveiled Party Aardvark, which was commissioned by Burgers’ Zoo of Holland in honor of the hundredth anniversary of the Arnhem Zoo. A park has been constructed around the 30 foot-long, concrete aardvark, which now serves as a small jungle gym. “It’s a party to play with for a child, also for drunk people at night,” Hofman said.

The Aardvark, like many of Hofman’s sculptures, seeks to bring levity and life to underdeveloped areas. “I chose it for a rotten part of the city, which would start up a new environment and a dialogue,” Hofman said.

According to Hofman, the rubber ducky conveys the idea that as people become more connected through globalization and the development of communication technology, the world has become so small that the oceans are somewhat of a “global bathtub.”

The rubber-duck will open in Pittsburgh on September 27 as part of the International Festival of Firsts.

Road trip, anyone?

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