The much-anticipated referendum and unofficial GUSA Senate election results

2013 GUSA CampaignThe Georgetown student body has spoken loud and clear. The results of the referendum indicate that 93.27 percent of 2966 voters were against the creation of a Satellite Campus.

In case if you have been living under a rock, Administration plans on building a Satellite Campus outside of the Georgetown zip code in order to meet the 2010 Campus Plan. In order to meet the plan, the University has to move 450 beds out of the 20007 zip code. One of the many proposed solutions (and one of the least complicated) is to build a Satellite Campus, which has gotten students passionately enraged.

To prove to administration that students want to keep everyone on campus, GUSA launched a referendum as part of its senate elections. Somehow, despite GUSA’s adamant One Campus campaign and the fact that no one wants to have to take a bus to campus, 198 people voted yes. There are a few explanations for these rogue votes: 1) It was unclear whether yes or no was against the Satellite Campus, 2) It’s always fun to create a bit of contention, or 3) Todd Olson bribed a few seniors, who “to be crass about it” won’t be living there.

In other news, GUSA Senate campaign season is officially over. No more having to pretend that you’re out when you hear the dreaded knock and unbefitting zeal outside your door. Here are the unofficial results:


  • Abbey McNaughton: She ran under the slogan “Naught on my Watch“, but no one is quite sure what exactly isn’t on her watch. We were most impressed that she paid for colored prints.
  • Abby Cooner: Her legacy will be that she was the smallest At-Large Senate member, but she seemed the only candidate who ran on platforms deeper than free cookies and T-Shirts.
  • Billy Bowers: Dolphins like him. And apparently the student body does too.
  • Charlie Long: What were you doing Thursday eve? He admits that he can’t sing, but the effort was much appreciated.


  • Seamus Guerin: 93.27 percent of people who voted for him did so because of his bromance with Billy Bowers.

Freshman North:

  • Angela Bai: #human
  • Caroline Ritter: Her cookies were successful in buying her votes into GUSA Senate. It probably helped that her coverphoto looks more like a magazine add than a campaign poster.
  • Mandy Lee: She’s excited to RAISE THE ROOF (there are 8 reasons why we should).

Freshman South:

  • Chris Fisk: More impressive than his incredibly bright neon green posters was the fact that he didn’t post on the Facebook group once. In other words, he won because people just really like him.
  • Jonathan Thrall: He’s bringing sexy Saxa back.
  • Tyler Bridge: Did Jack lick you if you voted for him? Notice that he’s wearing his own shirt and that he has an American flag behind his bed in this video. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, he has a website.

Henle: Andrew Walker and Kasey Ng.

LXR: Ken Nunnenkamp

Nevils and Village B:

  • Robert Shepherd: He’s a shark.
  • Sam Greco: He has very ambitious platforms, but what stood out most about his Facebook page is that he told us where he is living (Nevils L-22).

Off Campus: Andrew Logerfo, Cannon Warren, Devon Nigro, Emilie Siegler, and Patrick Spagnuolo, who wears his robe at the hilltop.

Southwest Quad: Adrienne Jackson, Meredith Cheney, and Shweta Wahal (she’s a go getta and a standard setta)

Townhouses: George Spyropoulos with his incredible eyebrow raise.

Village A: Jimmy Ramirez and Benjamin Weiss Isn’t it cute how they can be linked together?

VCE: Last, but not least, Enushe Khan. Hopefully she’s as good of a senator as she is a singer (but really, she’s amazing).

This is your 2013-2014 GUSA senate. As relieved as we are that campaign season is over, I think we will all miss the free cookies, chips, candy, salsa, and other goodies.

8 Comments on “The much-anticipated referendum and unofficial GUSA Senate election results

  1. I’m highly anal-retentive, so I would like to point out that the Campus Plan says beds have to move out of the 20007 ZIP code, not 20057. 20057 designates mail going to Georgetown University; 20007 is the confines of the neighborhood.

  2. @The Postal Service

    Thanks for the clarification. It’s been fixed.

  3. Will we be able to see the vote totals once the results are official?

  4. “In case if you have been living under a rock, Administration plans on building a Satellite Campus outside of the Georgetown zip code in order to meet the 2010 Campus Plan.”

    Umm, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under but there are no set plans yet to do this. You even note this two sentences later…

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  6. 6.73% of those votes still leaves just under 200 students who don’t oppose the satellite campus! Victory for the administration! Rumor has it they are now going to get the NSA records (once the government re-opens) of those who voted not against it and offer them their own personal pet bulldogs to get them all to move off campus. And the goal of 385 beds by 2015 is reached. This was the plan all along…

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