This Week in the Voice: Fall fashion

Fall fashion coverThis week, the Voice takes a look at fall trends in the fashion issue.

This season is a melding of hard and soft, meeting at a blurred edge. Pastel colors come together with leather panels, studded sweaters meet tartan skirts. Men’s prints meet womenswear in a houndstooth dress—the bold pattern is almost a neutral. Mixed-media coats paired with delicate, single-soled heels. Mild decadence is in the details, with rich textiles and prints coming together in moody hues. Welcome to fall.

News reports on the newest development on student housing: the University has filed a”change in use” request with the Zoning Commission for the Ryan, Mulledy, and Gervase buildings.

In Leisure, columnist Julia Lloyd-George reflects on the TV event of the year—the final episode of “Breaking Bad.”

Sports recaps football, with all the details of the embarrassing loss to Princeton on Homecoming.

Voice Editor-in-Chief Gavin Bade examines the importance of standardized testing in the D.C. public school system in Voices.

The Editorial Board gives their take on the government shutdown, and what this new level of Congressional dysfunction entails.


One Comment on “This Week in the Voice: Fall fashion

  1. Not sure who’s in charge of the men’s “fashion”, but it’s fucking atrocious. It doesn’t even fit properly!

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