Concert Preview: Twenty One Pilots to play at Georgetown

Thinking of seeing Twenty One Pilots at the 9:30 Club this semester?  Well Vox hates to burst your bubble, but the show just sold out this week.

Luckily, WGTB is bringing the VMA-nominated duo to the Hilltop this Saturday, so you don’t have to worry about FOMO this time around.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the duo that make up Twenty One Pilots, got together to form their band in 2009 in their hometown of Columbus, OH. Joseph got the name for the band while studying the Arthur Miller play  All My Sons, in which a man commits suicide after causing the death of twenty one pilots during World War II because he knowingly sent them defective airplane parts to better his business.

The moral dilemma that the protagonist of the play faces is something Joseph found to be extremely relevant. According to Joseph, people “are all constantly encountering moral crossroads where the decisions that benefit the ‘now’ will have consequences down the road” and it’s important to think about the present versus the future in every decision we make.

He says that the reason their music is meaningful is because they “want to make people think,” which has been their goal since the beginning of their careers as musicians. Joseph, for example, said that he was drawn to music because it “was a way of being able to say something,” or a vessel of sorts, which is where the most recent album’s title comes from.

Twenty One Pilots plays an non-cohesive mixture of genres, with a bit of rap, a little bit of synthesizer, some piano, and heavy drums, but somehow it works for the style Joseph and Dun are going for: one that most definitely will make people think. Many of the reviews describe the band as “schizoid-pop,” but since Vox has absolutely no idea what that means, we’re assuming you probably don’t either.

While the band’s music is certainly catchy and Vessel is definitely worth a listen, Twenty One Pilots’ true strengths come out in its live performances. Joseph and Dun have earned widespread praise for their stage presence- with their liveliness, drum shows, and ability to get their audiences to dance and connect with their own passion and energy.

To get a glimpse of Twenty One Pilots’ personality, watch the official video for its single “Holding On To You.”

Vox recommends you check out the show this Saturday at 8 pm on White Gravenor Patio. Purchase tickets online for $5 or at the event for $10.

Photo: via Flickr

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