Comments of the Week: WTF is up with the Capitol lately

Last week, Vox reported on the chaos happening on Capitol Hill, both when the federal government shut down and when a mentally ill woman was killed by police after a car chase near the Capitol.

When Vox covered a former Obama speechwriter’s talk in Gaston, and noted that very few people have even had the opportunity to see the President speak firsthand, Rational Student argued that seeing Obama speak isn’t very special.

Literally millions of people have had the opportunity to see President Barack Obama speak first hand. Millions.

Rational Student linked to this article, which estimated that nearly 2 million people attended the inauguration. Literally 99 percent of those people needed a telescope to even see Obama though, so Vox doubts how “firsthand” these “millions” of viewers were.

DPS Chief Jay Gruber announced his department’s new plan to take over the city in the wake of the government shutdown.

Editor’s Note: As per request by the Department of Public Safety, Vox would like to clarify that this comment wasn’t actually submitted by DPS Chief Jay Gruber.

Now that the government is shut down, there’s no Metro police. DPS’s time has come…you will all bow to us.

Scramble the Segways!

The tragic death of the speeding driver on Capitol Hill shook some people up and drew national attention to the police response to the woman’s actions. The ever-ostentatious LAWLAWLAWL, however, just stuck to vulgarity.

Well fuck.

And we’re STILL shut down.

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